Composite Manufacture

I’ve settled on a new design, after much toing and froing. I’m trying to get the advantage of bigger wheels, a lower seat and bottom bracket, as well as lighter weight, squeezed into the new prototype. To fit a low seat and rider around the larger wheels requires curvaceous framework which itself justifies the efforts of using composite construction, over my usual ali tubes, which are difficult to bend. Two further advantages are that once the moulds are made, this is a more readily repeatable process than ali tube fabrication and it should be considerably more structurally  efficient, i.e. lighter.


I’m currently making the soft tooling ie. moulds out of chipboard filler. The first pressings will be in S ‘glass with some carbon reinforcement. Ultimately though unidirectional carbon will be used. The pictures show the paper templates stuck on the main moulds part and outlined with a Stanley knife. That’s the start of a three day mould-making process.



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