Back to Aluminium

I’m reverting back to aluminium after experimenting with carbon;  my workshop carbon fabrications were structurally adequate but didn’t look very neat.  I see carbon as a great option for a lighter frame but I still have some basics to sort out and machining aluminium will help to address  these more straightforwardly and give a production ready finish which the carbon can only deliver with more work  and investment.


I’ve sorted out all the major design issues with the last prototypes (actually, the last eight or nine prototypes). What I mean is I’ve got the functionality of the Switchblade to work with a viable frame geometry for both manoeuvrability and speed (seat  height in the  low position is about 12”).  From now on,  its nearly all detail design. But that’s still a lot of work. I’ve been designing a new compact front fork, as there is quite a lot to squeeze in at the front end. The back end is now reverting to a standard dropout arrangement so at least I don’t have to modify my own hubs.  I’m planning on a completely symmetric frame design with a single central tube for  the lower g frame and smaller tubes on both sides for the seat frame.

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